Pillow block bearing

Because a bearing can choose different bearing seats, and a bearing seat can choose different types of bearings at the same time, so there are many kinds of bearing seats. Bearing seats are fast, easy and excellent. Many large foreign bearing companies also have their own type of bearing seats. However, the same bearing type is marked differently in different company samples. For different application occasions of standard bearing seat, special bearing seat with different materials such as gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and cast steel, stainless steel and plastic can be selected.

Bearing pedestal is divided into: split bearing pedestal, sliding bearing pedestal, rolling bearing pedestal, bearing pedestal with flange, spherical bearing pedestal and so on.




SNL Vertical Bearing Seat

Large SNL Bearing Seat


SDG Vertical Bearing Seat

SONL Vertical Bearing Seat

SAF Vertical Bearing Seat

SDAF Vertical Bearing Seat


Integral type

SBD Vertical Bearing Seat

TVN Vertical Bearing Seat

TN Vertical Bearing Seat



FNL series flange bearing seat

7225 (00) series flange bearing seat

I-1200(00) bearing seat with flangeh


Common problem

Wear problem 

Wear as the most common problem of bearing seat, bearing seat wear phenomenon also occurs frequently.

Repair method

The traditional method is generally repaired by machining after surfacing, which will make the surface of parts reach a high temperature, cause parts to deform or crack, and make the downtime greatly prolonged by machining to obtain dimensions. The on-site repairing with polymer composites has neither thermal effect nor limitation of repairing thickness. The wear resistance of products and the concessionality of metal materials are not available. It ensures 100% contact of repairing parts, reduces shock and vibration of equipment, and avoids the possibility of wear and tear. On-site repair, avoid machining methods.


Repair process


Generally only four steps are needed:


1. Surface treatment, will need to repair the bearing seat surface degreasing, dehumidification;


2. Harmonizing repair materials;


3. Apply the material evenly to the repairing part of the bearing seat and fill it firmly.


4. Waiting for the curing of the material, the surface of the material can be heated properly to accelerate the curing of the material.


General bearing room wear can be repaired in 3-6 hours. It is easy to operate without special equipment and special training. Compared with laser welding and cold welding, it saves time and labor. The cost is only 1/5-1/10 of the general repair cost. On-site repair also reduces the maintenance time and transportation cost of equipment.